This day couldn’t have been any better. The weather was perfectly foggy and I was surrounded by the most creative and talented people in Charlotte. I love the fact that Instagram has created a community of artists that can connect over social media and share common interests thousands of miles away. I will never forget this day and can’t wait for many more in the future. Thankful for the inspiration that surrounded me that morning. Hope to see you guys soon! 2014-01-11_00072014-01-11_00022014-01-11_00042014-01-11_00032014-01-11_00052014-01-11_00102014-01-11_00092014-01-11_00112014-01-11_00132014-01-11_00142014-01-11_00162014-01-11_00152014-01-11_00172014-01-11_00192014-01-11_00182014-01-11_00202014-01-11_00212014-01-11_00222014-01-11_00232014-01-11_0024