As you can see, these two always know how to have a good time regardless of 20 degree weather. My fiance and I are so privileged to call Jake and Chelsea some of our best friends and in less than 5 months, these two will become one in marriage. I couldn’t be more excited for the path that is set before them and the way they will use their gifts to glorify God. I hope you enjoy these sweet photos of this sweet couple. You two are one of a kind, and I love you so dearly!


This day couldn’t have been any better. The weather was perfectly foggy and I was surrounded by the most creative and talented people in Charlotte. I love the fact that Instagram has created a community of artists that can connect over social media and share common interests thousands of miles away. I will never forget this day and can’t wait for many more in the future. Thankful for the inspiration that surrounded me that morning. Hope to see you guys soon! 2014-01-11_00072014-01-11_00022014-01-11_00042014-01-11_00032014-01-11_00052014-01-11_00102014-01-11_00092014-01-11_00112014-01-11_00132014-01-11_00142014-01-11_00162014-01-11_00152014-01-11_00172014-01-11_00192014-01-11_00182014-01-11_00202014-01-11_00212014-01-11_00222014-01-11_00232014-01-11_0024

Say hello to one of my favorite couples on this earth. These two are some of the most humble, loving, and beautiful couples i’ve ever had the honor of knowing and my heart couldn’t be happier knowing that they’re on their way to a lifetime together. I would be lying if I said I didn’t cry when Jake got down on one knee and asked Maggie to be his bride. Although i’ve only known them for a couple years, maggie and jake have influenced me in such great ways by the way they so dearly love each other and pursue Christ in their relationship. I could write a book of reasons why these two fill such a huge place in my heart, but for now I hope you can catch a glimpse of how deep their love is for each other. So excited to share in this season of engagement with Maggie and to watch as they prepare for a lasting and godly marriage ahead. Love you both more than words!


Say hello to Josh and Ashton, two people that compliment and love each other so well(despite the fact that they’re obsessed with rival teams – Duke and Carolina). The way these two interacted on our shoot was so genuine and made my time with them so wonderful. Times like those make me so grateful for my job because it reminds me of how love should be. Although I met them for the first time on our shoot, I left knowing that I made two amazing new friends.

So thankful for you two and for the honor of photographing your wedding in June! I hope you enjoy these sweet photos in the meantime!


Say hello to Paige, a woman of character, wisdom, love, and incredible strength. We took these photographs outside of Hospice the last week of her mother’s life and am brought to tears every time I look at them because of how much she resembles her mother’s beauty. Such a beautiful woman of God with an even more beautiful heart. 2013-11-18_00072013-11-18_00092013-11-18_00062013-11-18_00102013-11-18_00082013-11-18_00122013-11-18_0011

What a privilege and honor it was to photograph the proposal of two of my best friends in the world. Chelsea has been one of my dearest friends for a few years now, so you can imagine my excitement when Jake asked me to photograph the proposal especially when he told me he wanted to do it on the top of a mountain. Of course, I had to trick her and tell her I wanted to do a “spontaneous shoot” to improve my portfolio and being the adventurous gal she is jumped on the idea! The day couldn’t have been more beautiful with not a rain cloud in the sky which never happens when you live in Boone. The wind may have been intense but it didn’t stop my tears from flowing when I watched Chelsea walk up the steps to Jake’s arms. I’ve never seen Chelsea smile so much in my life and to be a part of every second of a new chapter of their life was the most unbelievable feeling in the world. Chelsea and Jake, you mean the world to me and I pray for the most glorifying and joyful marriage ahead of you. I can’t wait for the wedding in 6 months!!