Say hello to JD and Katherine – the sweetest souls you’ll ever meet. There aren’t enough words in the world to describe how much I enjoyed spending the evening documenting their sweet love and exploring the beautiful Charleston area. And the sun was most definitely showing favor over them. It’s funny to think that we only met a few months ago and have hung out in person once (which happened to be the night we shot their engagements). I truly feel like these two have been dear friends of mine for years by the way they have opened up to me and shared so much with me. With all of that said,their wedding day can’t come soon enough! I hope you feel love in the air while you scroll through our session together!



Wow, these two! Truly, they blew me away with their humor and rich love for each other! We didn’t do an initial meeting, so their engagements were the first time we met and I was so impressed by how easily they drifted into their comfort zone, snuggling and showing each other affection like they would without me around! It is evident that these two have the best friend kind of love, and it was so much fun getting to document this sweet chapter in their journey as one! Can’t wait for their big day!

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There aren’t enough words to describe how I feel about Brent and Catt. Two of the most genuine, loving, kind hearted humans you could ever meet. I have had the privilege of walking through the sweetest seasons with them as they began their journey into engagement, eloped on the most enchanting mountain, and now as they prepare to be parents. What an honor it has been to see them grow deeper in love for each other.

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This wedding was everything was everything I imagined it would be and more. When I met DJ and Charlie, I knew they’d be far more than just clients but dear friends of mine. Their story inspired me, and I left our initial coffee date feeling like they understood the heart behind why I do what I do. They’re two of the most caring and genuine people i’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, so being a part of their wedding day meant the world to me.I hope you feel every moment that I did while you scroll through these images. Charlie and Diamelen, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me with this special and beautiful day of yours! Here’s to forever!


2015-08-06_0002Luke and Lauren are two of the most genuine, loving, and hilarious people i’ve ever had the joy of knowing, and being apart of this journey they are about to begin together has been the biggest privilege. They’re the type of people that you could meet once and never forget because of how much they fill you up. So looking forward to their wedding day in just a few short weeks! 2015-08-06_00052015-08-06_00112015-08-06_00042015-08-06_00062015-08-06_00032015-08-06_00152015-08-06_00072015-08-06_00082015-08-06_00092015-08-06_00102015-08-06_00122015-08-06_00132015-08-06_0014